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Almere 1977

Draft Structure Plan for Almere 1977, Teun Koolhaas Associates, Almere

In the course of the sixties, Dutch planners discovered the empty country of Flevoland as a potential overflow area for the overcrowded western Netherlands. The government memorandum 'Tweede Nota over de Ruimtelijk Ordening' (1966) recommended housing half a million inhabitants from the Randstad and Gooi conurbations in Flevoland. Between 125,000 and 250,000 of them were to be live in the new city of Almere. In a subsequent memorandum, the 'Derde Nota' (1975), Almere was moreover designated as one of ten 'centres of growth'.

Uncertainty about the eventual size of Almere meant the plan for its development had to remain as flexible and general as possible. Besides, people no longer believed in the possibility of designing a detailed urban structure for the long term. Instead of defining a coherent image for the city, the Draft Structure Plan for Almere (1977) of the Rijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders described an urban district containing five separate centres of growth.

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